Anna Haag and her Secret Diary of the Second World War: A by Edward Timms

By Edward Timms

How used to be it attainable for a well-educated state to help a regime that made it against the law to imagine for your self? This was once the main query for the Stuttgart-based writer Anna Haag (1888–1982), the democratic feminist whose anti-Nazi diaries are analysed during this ebook. Like Victor Klemperer, she deconstructed German political propaganda daily, giving her critique a gendered concentration through difficult the ethos of masculinity that sustained the Nazi regime. This pioneering research translates her diaries, secretly written in twenty notebooks now preserved on the Stuttgart urban Archive, as a desirable resource for the learn of lifestyle within the 3rd Reich. the hole sections cartoon the paradigms that formed Haag’s creativity, analysing the effect of the 1st international warfare and the feminist and pacifist commitments that stimulated her literary and journalistic writings. vast quotations from the diaries are supplied, with English translations, to demonstrate her responses to the cataclysms that the increase of Hitler, from the army conquests and Jewish deportations to the devastation of strategic bombing. The e-book concludes with a bankruptcy that strains the hyperlinks among Haag’s critique of army tyranny and her contribution to post-war reconstruction.

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146). ‘Rudolf kommt nun auf den genialen Gedanken, die Reihenfolge umzukehren. Er nähert sich dem Schreibtisch und sieht die Mutter fragend an. “Ja”, sagt er schliesslich, “ja”, hält der Mutter seine hintere Front hin und bedeutet ihr, dass sie zuklopfen möge, womit er sich das Recht, den Schreibtisch ausräumen zu dürfen, zu erkaufen glaubt.  150. Republican Values, Female Agency and the International Peace Campaign 39 Their son’s emotional development became a source of good cheer during those dismal post-war days.

The results were never officially released, but the existence of this Jewish census (‘Judenzählung’) appeared to confirm the rumours. 15 Tänzer avoids mentioning the Census in his diary, but by April 1917 we find even this indefatigable optimist noting the perceptibly worsened mood of the soldiers. His tone becomes increasingly anguished as the war drags on and he is posted to the Ukraine, where he notes defiantly anti-German attitudes. In autumn 1918 the breakthrough of the Allies on the Western Front forced the German government to sue for peace.

In seinem Freiheitsbegriff liegt der Begriff der Pflicht enthalten.  215f. 28 Chapter 2 Although this altruistic patriotism was widely shared, there were significant regional variations. The mood in Württemberg was less nationalistic than in Prussia with loyalty divided between Kaiser Wilhelm II, as Head of the German Reich, and the King of Württemberg, also named Wilhelm II, who was more liberal in outlook. Swabian regiments were engaged on both fronts and Anna Haag, still mourning her brother’s death, was well aware of the dangers.

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