Animal Signals (Ecology and Evolution) by John Maynard-Smith, David Harper

By John Maynard-Smith, David Harper

Why are animal indications trustworthy? this can be the principal challenge for evolutionary biologists attracted to signs. in fact, now not all indications are trustworthy; yet so much are, another way receivers of indications may forget about them. a few theoretical solutions were proposed and empirical stories made, yet there nonetheless is still a large amount of confusion. The authors, one a theoretician the opposite a fieldworker, introduce a feeling of order to this chaos. an important reason for confusion has been the tendency for various researchers to exploit both a similar time period with diversified meanings, or assorted phrases with a similar which means. The authors try to make clear those modifications. A moment reason behind confusion has arisen simply because many biologists proceed to imagine that there's just one right reason behind sign reliability. The authors argue that the reliability of indications is maintained in numerous methods, suitable in numerous situations, and that biologists needs to learn how to distinguish among them. during this ebook they clarify the various theories, provide examples of signalling platforms to which one or one other conception applies, and aspect to the numerous parts the place extra paintings, either theoretical and empirical, is needed.

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Animal Signals (Ecology and Evolution)

Why are animal indications trustworthy? this is often the significant challenge for evolutionary biologists attracted to indications. in fact, now not all indications are trustworthy; yet so much are, another way receivers of indications could forget about them. a couple of theoretical solutions were proposed and empirical reports made, yet there nonetheless continues to be a large amount of confusion.

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