Andvanced plasma theory by Marshall N. Rosenbluth

By Marshall N. Rosenbluth

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The final sentence (lines 11–13), which asks one Dorates to keep his distance from these mysteries, seems to be an actual application of the old command. It apparently belongs to the time when the inscription was carved; presumably this application was the occasion for recording the whole affair. 75 So a version existed in the administrative language of the empire, and one cannot doubt that the edict was published in several languages. This shows that it had general validity. B. The “Zeus of Baradates” is the divinity of a privately endowed cult established by an otherwise unknown Iranian named Baradates, and so a kind of family god.

5. Another grant of ateleia found in the same temple at Sinuri mentions Idrieus and Ada and so should probably be dated to the Persian period. 6. In the Achaemenid period, the community of the Plataseis agreed to grant a proxenia (friendship between a state and a foreigner) and citizen’s rights to a citizen of Cos and in connection with this also a partial tax exemption. 7. 8. The city of Erythrae’s decision is not from the region ruled by Mausollus. It honors Mausollus and his descendants by granting citizen’s rights, the proxenia, the ateleia, and the like.

This phrase refers to imperial authorization explicitly and even in a hortative form (“let Pixodarus be legally responsible,” according to the Greek version). Taken literally, that means that the attempt to have an authorization issued was neither taken for granted nor obligatory. 117 There were naturally situations that made an authorization essential, for example, when the situation required the partial or complete reconstitution of a self-governing body, as with Ezra’s efforts. 119 115 See Reichsidee, 141 (15–162), 221 (272), 261 (342), 1022.

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