An introduction to the study of the Kabalah by W Wynn Westcott

By W Wynn Westcott

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P. Blavatsky used to declare that the truly ancient texts of ancient religions were susceptible of explanations on seven planes of thought. The Kabalists discovered deep meanings in each Hebrew letter, common and finals, and found secrets in large letters, misplaced letters and in words spelled in unusual manners. ACTICAL KABALAH 25 times they represented God by an Aleph, A;

283) was 1lOt the direct Creator of the World ; but that all things have proceeded from the Primordial Source in successive Emanations, each one less excellent than the preceding, so that the universe is 'God Manifested,' and the last and remotest production is matter, a privation of perfection. (2) That all we perceive or know of is, formed on the Sephirotic type. (]) That human souls were pre-existent in an upper world before the origin of this present world. (4) That human souls before incarnation dwell now in an Upper Hall or Treasury, where the decision is made as to what earth body each soul or ego shall enter.

In the Second World of Briah reside the Archangels headed by "Metatron" related to Kether, in solemn grandeur; He is the garment of Al Shaddai~ the visible manifestation of God; the Number of both is 314 (Zohar iii. 231~). " It has a curious resemblance to the Greek words meta thronon, beside or beneath the throne of God; but this derivation is fanciful. He rules the other Archangels of the Universe, who govern in their courses all the heavenly bodies, and the evolutions of the dwellers on them: He is, according to the Kabalists, the efficient God of our Earth-the Greek Demiourgos.

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