An Honorable Man by Rosemary Rogers

By Rosemary Rogers

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With the practiced hand of a young woman who had tumbled to the ground many times, Cameron lifted one foot and then the other until she stood balanced on the seat of the English-made saddle, worth the price of a male field hand, her arms outstretched for balance. Taye glanced up, her honey-colored skin flushing beneath her sunbonnet, her lovely features flashing from fear to annoyance. “Stop that, Cameron. Stop it at once. ” “That’s where you’re wrong, Taye. ” She swayed precariously as the mare lowered her head to nibble fresh grass.

For so many years she had dreamed of the moment she would meet Jackson again. This was the moment she had fantasized! She would tell him the things she had wanted to tell him all these years. She would tell him how cruel he had been to that young, innocent girl on the veranda, how he had taken advantage of her and known he was doing it! Now suddenly she couldn’t remember any of the words she had rehearsed. Her mouth was dry and her palms damp as an overwhelming fear washed over her. “It’s all right,” Taye whispered reassuringly.

She’d rot in hell before she admitted the truth. ” She could still feel him watching her. The heat of his stare burned through her garments, scorching her skin, bombarding her with bright pinwheels of giddy sensations. ” she flared, spinning around, the pitchfork poised in her hands. Jackson dropped his coat to the stable floor and lifted his muscular arms to protect himself. She had drawn the pitchfork so close that it was a wonder she didn’t take the buttons of his ivory waistcoat off with the sharp tines.

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