An Etymological Dictionary of Pre-13th Century Turkish by Gerard Clauson

By Gerard Clauson

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Para. 4 1 . 0. Kir. 0. Qutb R RbE. Recip. Red. , refces. Refl. Rep. Turkish Rif. ) SKPAW ( I ) Code letter, para. 15 ;(2) W. W. Radloff's V m s t ~ h etc. , paras. 16, 57. Rabgfizi, para. 32. Reciprocal form of verb, morphologically same as Co-op. Sir James Redhouse, para. 62. reference, references. Reflexive form of verb. Republican Turkish, the language now spoken in Turkey. Kilisli Rif'at, para. 33. ( I ) Code letter, para. I S ; (2) prefix, Secondary form, para. 18 ( 5 ) . south-central language group, para.

Suff. ; properly the Suff. -k attached to a Simulative V. s themselves are not noted; rare. , see v. G. ATG, para. 218, but forms some Intrans. ; rare. s usually Intrans. ; rare. -&l/-gil in klzgll relates, like the Den. ; yery rare. g. Ac. or Conc. ; common. g. uzun, tutiin fr. s and Conc. ; not very common. -2a:nl-gem properly a Conjugational form, Present Participle, but, at any rate in K q . , connoting repeated or habitual action, see Kq. 124; 11 53; fairly common; cf. -ga:k/-ge:k; also a Den.

118, 8 : Bud. a j u n 'I think of my helovecl' W form of U:-. Tiirkii v111 etlnu: ynratu:nu: u m a d u k 'bccause they could not organize iicleqi Sanskrit jritis~trrrr'rernenibering former 1 U: 'slccp'; thc L)cv. V. is cxccptionally u ~ I : - , which supgests that this nord may originally have been *u:d, but that word is nowhere noted in this sense; not noted later than X I . l'iirkii v111udn: b a s d l m l z '\ve surprised . . in their sleep' I E 35. 37; 11 E 27; u k a (sic) b a s d l m ~ zT 27; v111 ff.

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