American Revolutionary Time Machine #10 by Arthur Byron Cover

By Arthur Byron Cover

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He probably stole them from some Indian. Or from a relative who stole them from an Indian. Don’t know who he is, but he was right next to me a little while ago. He’s probably still chasing redcoats up the road a piece. ” “Thanks! ” you say, taking off out the door. You move up the road, past dead and wounded of both sides. The trees gradually thicken into another heavily wooded area, providing even more cover for the rebels. The British redcoats will stick out in these woods like sparklers on a clear summer night.

Click here. Jump to the future. Click here. 20 T he stars glow overhead like a thousand infernos. You’re on a cliff overlooking the gate of Fort Ticonderoga. The moonlight makes the landscape and the fort below shimmer like a dreamland. A single guard naps, standing up, against the gate inside the walls. And now that your ears, as well as your eyes, have adjusted to the forest and the night, you hear the redcoats snoring peacefully inside the barrack houses. Isn’t anybody on guard here? you wonder.

37 Y ou run down the hall and into the children’s room. Their mother is huddled beneath the blanket with the children, hiding. ” she cries. “Don’t worry,” you say. ” You hear shots outside and rush to the window. The stable grounds are swarming with angry redcoats. “There’s no time to talk now,” you say. ” “Let’s go out the back door,” says the woman. ” Shots explode downstairs. The four of you reach the back door just as a redcoat kicks it open in your face! You go flying hard against the wall.

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