Alternative Targum Traditions: The Use of Variant Readings by Alberdina Houtman

By Alberdina Houtman

This examine explores the potential for utilizing variation readings of the Targum of the Prophets to get well perception into the beginning and historical past of Targum Jonathan. The ebook turns out to be useful for the learn of the genesis of Targum Jonathan and its later advancements.

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A. Kaufman, ‘The Job Targum from Qumran’, JAOS 93 (1973), 317–27, at 327), while Bruce Zuckerman comes to the same probable date on the basis of palaeographical considerations concerning the Vorlage of the Qumran Targum (B. Zuckerman, ‘The Date of 11Q Targum Job: A Paleographic Consideration of its Vorlage’, JSP 1 (1987), 57–78, esp. 74–75). , Aramaic Texts from Qumran, 4; R. Weiss, ‫התרגום הארמי לספר‬ ‫איוב‬, Tel Aviv 1979, 20. 90 Weiss, ‫התרגום הארמי לספר איוב‬, 20–21. M. Van der Ploeg by using the word targum in his preliminary communication about the scroll: ‘Le targum de Job de la grotte 11 de Qumran, Première communication’, Mededelingen der Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen afd.

II Tefillin, Mezuzot et Targums (4Q128 – 4Q157), Oxford 1977, 90. F. Albright, ‘A Biblical Fragment from the Maccabaean Age: The Nash Papyrus’, JBL 56 (1937), 145– 76, at 151). M. van der Ploeg & A. van der Woude (Le Targum de Job de la Grotte XI de Qumrân, Leiden 1971, 4) and Sokoloff (The Targum to Job, 25) date it to the second half of the second century bce; B. Jongeling et al. (eds), Aramaic Texts from Qumran, Leiden 1976, 5–6 date it to the first half of the second century bce; T. Muraoka, ‘The Aramaic of the Old Targum of Job from Qumran Cave XI’, JJS 25 / 3 (1974), 425–43 at 442 dates it to the second half of the third century bce or the first half of the second century bce.

64 » The original word order is maintained. As stated above,65 the doctrine of the universal truth of Scripture implies that all elements of the Written Torah, be they words, or other graphic signs, or even blank spaces, are significant, consistent, and relevant for all generations. 66 Since Aramaic and Hebrew are cognate languages, it was relatively easy to hold on to the original word order, much easier than it was, for instance, for Aquila in his Greek translation of the Bible. 67 On the other hand, Shepherd, in his comparative study of Aramaic translations of Job, showed that although the rabbinic Targum of Job contains a few transpositions, these are negligible in comparison to the number of transpositions in the other Aramaic versions.

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