Alias: Daddy (Hidden Identity, Book 3) (Harlequin Intrigue by Adrianne Lee

By Adrianne Lee

Dressed to the nines, murder cop Kerrie Muldoon was hoping to satisfy and arrest "Loverboy," a killer who was once assembly sufferers via own advertisements. So the final "blind date" Kerrie anticipated to fulfill was once Nick Diamond.

Or was once that actually his identify? Whoever he was once, Nick--a.k.a. Roman Donnello--still possessed the appeal that had pushed Kerrie into his fingers 3 years in the past, again while he used to be presumed to blame and her task were staking him out--until he vanished.

Now with Loverboy circling nearer, should still she belief Nick to be what he swears he is--innocent--so she may possibly display her personal secrets--their dual daughters

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His mouth quirked in humor. " She wiped her hands on the dish towel she kept draped over the refrigerator handle. " He helped himself to one of the mugs hanging from the cup rack and filled it with coffee. html "This conversation is going to start and end withLoverboy . Anything else you can keep to yourself. " "I think you'll change your mind. " He frowned. " "Really, Nick--" "No. My name's not Nick Diamond. " Kerrie rolled her eyes. "Big surprise. " He filled a second cup with coffee and offered it to her.

She owed RomanDonnello exactly nothing. She would not tell him about his daughters. "You HAVE TO TELL HIM about Maureen and Gabriella,"Glynna said for the tenth time on the ride home from the hospital. Kerrie concentrated on the rain hitting the windshield, on the rush of traffic in the neighboring freeway lanes, on keeping her speed limit legal as they traversed theWest Seattle viaduct. She had steeled herself for this argument, and would indulge her mom's need to express her opposing views, but her mind was made up and nothing Mom had to say would change it.

Really, Nick--" "No. My name's not Nick Diamond. " Kerrie rolled her eyes. "Big surprise. " He filled a second cup with coffee and offered it to her. Kerrie ignored the proffered cup. " He shoved the mug toward her again. " Deciding the quickest way to get him out of her house was to humor him, she begrudgingly accepted the cup. "So, what's your real name? " Roman chuckled. " He carried his cup to the antique dining table that seemed too formal for the room, too formal for Kerrie's tastes. Her mother's?

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