Alcohol Problems: Reviews, Research and Recommendations by David Robinson

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According to Abrahamsen, 5 the alte red state of consciousness due to alcohol is an influencing element in murder with some individuals unable to control their aggressions. In a study cited by Goode 3 , 40 per cent of all male sexual aggressions against adult women and two thirds of such offences against young girls involved offenders' drunkenness. Until recently, most data on dysfunctional aspects of alcohol use were based on institutionalised populations, especially Skid Row, 'public inebriates'.

6 Cider has been taxed since that year. Spirits Before the Restoration the consumption of spirits was small, but after 1660 consumption, mainly of brandy, increased. 1 In 1688 William of Orange became king and encouraged the production of gin by issuing charters to divert the surplus Engtish grain for its production; in 1690 imports of foreign spirits were prohibited. In Queen Anne s reign the monopoly privileges of the Worshipful Company of Distillers were cancelled; this led to the unlimited production of gin, much of poor quality, which was sold in the streets and hawked from door to door at 1 penny per pint.

During the waryears wine consurnption was not affected as much as beer or spirits: although imports of wine were checked and formal entertaining was curtailed, consumption was stimulated by the low-gravity beer and shortage of spiritS. 15 Post-war celebrations doubled the consumption in 1919, but tbis was reversed by an increase in duty in 1920. Consumption recovered a litde in the 1930s but almost no wine was available during the Second World War because of the sbipping blockade and the fact that many of the wine-producing countries were controlled by Axis powers.

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