Airliners by John W. R. Taylor

By John W. R. Taylor

Recognized Airliners publication from 1971 displaying crucial airliners of that period DEPOSITили

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Speys, span of 95' and 115139 seats, was delivered to Air Ceylon (1), BKS (2), Channel Airways (2), Iraqi Airways (3), Kuwait Airways (3) and Pakistan International Airlines (4). ENGINES Three Rolls-Royce RB 163-25 Mk. t. Fuel tanks in wings and centresection with capacity of 6,400 gal. PAYLOAD Crew of three on flight deck. Seats for 91-149 passengers in pressurised cabin, with galleys, toilets and coat stowage. Space for 760 cu. ft. of luggage and freight in underfloor holds. 80 ILYUSHIN 11-14 (Russia) and AVIA-14 (Czechoslovakia) First Flight (11-14): 1953 WEIGHTS AIRFRAME Low unswept wings.

Continental piston-engines. It was soon re-engined with Crew of one or two on flight deck. Can Astazou II turboprops and flew for the first carry 19 passengers, 12 stretcher patients time in this form on October 2, 1963. Manuand attendants. 600 lb. of freight or facture of a small initial quantity of Series 2 vehicles in main cabin. Skyvans, with Astazou XII engines, has been followed by series production of the Series 3, DIMENSIONS as described and illustrated. An executive Wing span: 64' II'.

Engines mounted in lateral pairs on each Tricycle underside of rear fuselage. carriage, with twin nose-wheels and inward-retracting main four-wheel bogies. Basic operating weight: 153,000 lb. Max. take-off weight: 357,000 lb. h. Take-off run: 5,905'. Range: 4,160 miles with max. payload; 5,715 miles with max. fuel. ENGINES Announced on September 24, 1962, the 11-62 is a long-range jet airliner which has been developed to replace the turboprop Tu-114 in service with Aeroflot. Its layout is very like that of the RAC Super VCI0 and the two aircraft are in much the same class.

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