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When this item is checked, dropped text is always placed between words—you can’t drop into the middle of a word. ) The ability to have text dropped only between words can also be controlled by the EditorOptions property of the _VFP application object. Add “W” to the EditorOptions string to turn this feature on, and omit it from the string to turn it off. Changing this option in the Options dialog changes the EditorOptions string and vice versa. Comment string lets you specify the string used when you choose Comment from the Format or context menu.

NULL. APP in the VFP home directory, and then calls its SearchMe() method. APP works in detail. However, the source code is provided, so feel free to examine it yourself. APP, table. FPT to the VFP home directory so the example described in this chapter will work. Thanks to Randy Brown of Microsoft for providing the idea (and a large part of the source code, especially the hard stuff) for this example. APP is data-driven; it uses the SmartTag table to define what it does. SmartTag has three fields, all memos containing VFP code.

If any script returns False, custom script execution is halted. So, to hook into the default script, set the lAllowCustomDefScripts custom property to True and add the Abbrev values for the script records you want executed on their own rows in the Data memo of the CustomDefaultScripts record. Here’s an example: use (_foxcode) again shared * Specify the custom scripts to execute when Space is pressed locate for Type = 'Z' and Abbrev = 'CustomDefaultScripts' replace Data with 'test1' + chr(13) + 'test2' * Create the script records insert into FoxCode (Type, Abbrev, Data) ; values ('S', 'test1', 'lparameters toFoxCode' + chr(13) + ; 'wait window "Test1"') insert into FoxCode (Type, Abbrev, Data) ; values ('S', 'test2', 'lparameters toFoxCode' + chr(13) + ; 'wait window "Test2"') Now when you press the Space key after typing any command in the Command Window, you’ll see two Wait Window messages before the syntax tip window appears.

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