Abbreviations Dictionary, Tenth Edition by Dean A. Stahl, Karen Landen

By Dean A. Stahl, Karen Landen

Abbreviations, nicknames, jargon, and different brief varieties keep time, area, and energy - supplied they're understood. hundreds of thousands of recent and in all probability complicated phrases turn into a part of the overseas vocabulary every year, whereas our communications are relayed to each other with expanding pace. PDAs hyperlink to desktops. the web has grown into information primary, shopping center, and supermarket all rolled into one. electronic mail is quicker than snail mail, mobile phones are quicker but - and it's all performed 24/7. Longtime and frequent use of sure abbreviations, corresponding to R.S.V.P., has made them higher understood status on my own than spelled out. definitely we're more well-off announcing DNA than deoxyribonucleic acid - yet what number of people this present day quite bear in mind what the initials stand for? The Abbreviations Dictionary, 10th version promises this and different details from airways of the realm to the Zodiacal Signs.Still a typical reference after greater than forty years, Abbreviations Dictionary, 10th version maintains the culture of accuracy and comprehensiveness that has made it a vintage. It continues to be the overseas sourcebook for finding elusive or normal details on an enormous array of issues. up to date and elevated, the 10th variation comprises abbreviations, acronyms, appellations, contractions, numbered abbreviations and different brief varieties from computing, excessive expertise, technology, and a vast diversity of different fields, hobbies, teams, and naturally, executive and the army. Abbreviations Dictionary, 10th variation, is additionally the prepared reference for beneficial info on such varied themes as machine jargon, earthquake information, English grammar and utilization, foreign conversions, scientific terminology, marriage ceremony anniversaries, Zip coding, and extra. it's a present, simply available source for finding the most elusive and complicated parts of our language. in case you have the Abbreviations Dictionary in your shelf, you won't desire the other reference for brief varieties or abbreviations.See what is new within the 10th Edition:15, 000 new referencesTwo thoroughly new sectionsExpanded and up to date sections resembling BafflegabDivulged, Eponyms, Nicknames and Geographical Names, and Symbols-including Emoticons

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B. a r t i u m b a c c a l u re u s (Latin—Bachelor of Arts) A/B Aid to the Blind; Airman Basic A & B Antigua & Barbuda AB Analecta Biblica; Army Book; Asia Business A/B Aktiebolag (Swedish— limited company) AB-47 Agusta-Bell three-place utility helicopter AB-204 Agusta-Bell gunship twin-engine helicopter AB-205 Agusta-Bell ten-place troop-transport helicopter AB-206 Agusta-Bell five-seat turbine-powered helicopter aba adrenergic blocking agent; antibacterial activity ab-a abampere ABA Aaron Burr Association; Air Brake Association; American Badminton Association; American Bakers Association; American Bamboo Association; American Bandmasters Association; American Bankers Association; American Bar Association; American Beauty Association; American Bell Association; American Berkshire Association; American Billiard Association; American Birding Association; American Bison Association; American Booksellers Association; American Bowhunters Association; American Brazilian Association; American-British-Australian; American Broadcasting Authority; American Buddhist Association; American Bus Association; Annual Budget Authorization; Australian Badminton Association; Aus- 9003_Frame_A Page 14 Tuesday, January 9, 2001 4:18 PM ABAA tralian Bankers Association; Australian Biotechnology Association; Australian Booksellers Association; Australian Boomerang Association; Australian Bowhunters Association; Australian Bridge Association; Ayrshire Breeders Association ABAA Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America ab ab.

Re. c. C. D. A. Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (of England and Wales) AC/A accommodative convergence/accommodation ratio ACAA Agricultural Conservation and Adjustment Administration ACAAE Australian Council on Awards in Advanced Education ACAAI Air Cargo Agents Association of India ACAB Air-Conditioning Advisory Bureau; Army Contract Adjustment Board acac automated direct analog computer ACAC Allied Container Advisory Committee; Association of College Admission Counselors; Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission; Australian Corporate Affairs Commission ACACA Army Command and Administration Communication Agency acad academic; academician; academy Acad Acadia; Academy Acad Academia (Latin—academy) acaf ACAD American Conference of Academic Deans; Autodesk Incorporated Acad aper Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences aperture (of sound films) Acad B-A A c a d é m i e des Beaux-Arts (French—Academy of Fine Arts) Academic Academic Press Acad Fran A c a d é m i e Française (French Academy) ACADI Association des Cadres Dirigeants de l’Industrie (French—Association of Industrial Executives) Acadia national park occupying Mount Desert Island, half of Isle au Haut, and Schoodic Point on the Maine coast; old name for French-speaking Canada and Nova Scotia Acadia(n) Novia Scotia(n); Novia Scotia(n); native Louisianians of French origin Acad Ins B-L Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres (French—Academy of Inscriptions and Literature) Acad mask Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences mask (enclosing the aperture area of sound films) Acad Med Academy of Medicine Acad Mgmt A c a d e m y o f Management Acad Mus Academy of Music Acad Pr Academic Press Acad Pr Ark Academic Press of Arkansas Acad Sci Académie des Sciences (French—Academy of Science) Acad Sin Academia Sinica (Chinese Academy of Science) Acad St Cec A c a d e m i a d i Santa Cecilia, Rome Acad Therapy A c a d e m i c Therapy Publications Acad U Acadia University ACAE American Council for the Arts in Education; Australian Commission on Advanced Education AC & AE A s s o c i a t i o n o f Chemical and Allied Employees acaf automatic circuit assurance feature 9003_Frame_A Page 19 Tuesday, January 9, 2001 4:18 PM ACAF ACAF Amphibious Corps Atlantic Fleet; Australian Citizen Air Force ACAG Allied Control Authority for Germany ACAM Asian Centre of Agricultural Machinery; American College for the Advancement of Medicine; Australian Confederation of Apparel Manufacturers ACAN A c t i o n C o m m i t t e e Against Narcotics; Army Command and Administrative Network ACAnes American College of Anesthetists a.

Cant. S. Ed. J. M. N.

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