A World Out of Time by Larry Niven

By Larry Niven

Jaybee Corbell woke up after greater than two hundred years as a corpsicle -- in a person else's physique, and less than sentence of rapid annihilation if he made a improper flow whereas they have been education him for a one-way undertaking to the stars.

But Corbell picked his time and made his personal movement. as soon as he used to be outbound, the place the Society that governed Earth couldn't achieve him, he headed his starship towards the galactic center, the place the incredible energies of the Universe wrenched the cloth of time and area and promised ultimate break out from his captors.

Then he lower back to an Earth eons older than the single he'd left...a planet that had had 3,000,000 years to enhance perils he had by no means dreamed of -- perils that turned nightmares that he needed to escape...somehow!

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They alit on the subterranean level, where the sleek steel-and-brass cruisers were parked. Mikani favored the red one with white-rimmed tires. It also had been equipped with a ceramic condenser by an aspiring engineer, long since gone north—and it could, in theory, be pushed well beyond the posted speed limit for mechanical conveyances within city limits. Anything that required less maintenance was a good thing; and as Mikani saw it, anything that could outrace House roadsters was a great thing.

God forbid I ever say it again, but you were right. ” She sighed and juggled her bag unnecessarily. A telling cue, because Ritsuko did not fidget. “We just looked at each other over dinner one night and knew. ” Mikani nodded. “I’m glad the two of you realized that in time. Now you can go and find someone worthwhile to build a future with. ” He winked and touched the tip of his hat to her as he turned to HQ’s massive front doors. “I feel guilty,” she said. He paused midstep and angled a penetrating look at her.

Despite silver at his temples and lines about the eyes, Oleg Aevar still retained considerable charisma. Most of his attention was devoted to a pale woman weeping into a linen handkerchief, but he broke away to greet them. Aevar clasped her hand. “Officers,” he said in such a gracious tone that she found it offputting. House scions didn’t waste courtesy on underlings unless they had something to hide. She’d been promoted as the first female inspector, and she meant to have that achievement acknowledged, even by Oleg Aevar.

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