A Match For Celia (That Special Woman!) (The Family Way) by Gina Ferris Wilkins

By Gina Ferris Wilkins

A holiday TO REMEMBERThis holiday was once alleged to carry a bit pleasure into Celia Carson's life--so why could not she shake her charm to a staid, reserved accountant? And but, she additionally could not shake the sensation that there has been extra to him than met the eye....Federal agent Reed Hollander's undercover function was once operating a bit too good for his liking. He'd believed Celia to be the main to bringing down a perilous legal association. yet he could not support thinking about, used to be she the small-town blameless she seemed--or the subtle girl he suspected she fairly was once?

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Please. No more historical tidbits. ” Reed asked, smiling. “The Port Isabel lighthouse was constructed in the 1850s and abandoned in 1905. ” “Thanks. –Mexican War. The last land engagement of the Civil War was fought at Palmito Ranch near Brownsville, a month after Lee’s surrender. The battle was won by Confederates who didn’t know the war was already over, and afterward the victors became the captives of their former prisoners. ” “I thought so,” Reed murmured, his voice underlaced with amusement.

Thanks. Have a nice day,” he answered cheerily. Blinking a bit, Celia watched him walk away. Have a nice day? The man was a walking cliché, for heaven’s sake. He even talked like a tax accountant. He was exactly like the men she knew back in Percy—genial, dependable, hardworking, predictable. Ordinary. The type of men who made Damien Alexander look so dashing, exciting and fascinating in contrast. Turning back to her walk, Celia told herself that the only reason she was spending any time at all thinking about Reed Hollander was because Damien wasn’t around.

We have solid evidence implicating at least one of his employees. Rumor still has it there will be an important meeting on Padre Island sometime this week between Alexander and two of his current customers. ” “Leaving me cooling my heels here when I was expecting to be witness to the meeting two days ago,” Reed grumbled. ” “He’s due to return in a couple of days,” Reed said, repeating something Celia had casually mentioned during the afternoon. “Yeah. ” Reed felt the tension low in his neck, a sure sign that the case was nearing a resolution.

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