A Love Affair by Dino Buzzati

By Dino Buzzati

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4. Driving Forces for Isosmotic Water Transport If water transport in proximal tubule and gallbladder is by osmosis, the driving forces required to account for the spontaneous fluid transport rates are of at most a few milliosmoles in the case of the gallbladder, and between 1 and 20 milliosmoles in the case of the proximal tubule, depending on the segment and the Pos values chosen for the calculation. 3), osmotic water absorption would require development of luminal hypotonicity, basolateral hypertonicity, or a combination of both.

The third argument in favor of paracellular fluid absorption has been made for the specific case of the late proximal tubule. The hypothesis is that a fraction of the luminal fluid is reabsorbed by an osmotic mechanism dependent on the asymmetry of salt composition and salt reflection coefficients between luminal and peritubular fluids. Because of the preferential reabsorption of NaHC0 3 , the luminal NaHC0 3 concentration is lower, and the luminal NaCI concentration is higher than the respective concentrations in the peritubular fluid.

16 The reader is referred to these reviews for additional details. Here, we shall attempt to discuss the bases of the measurements, the principal results, and the difficulties involved in their interpretation. We do not intend to offer an exhaustive review of the literature. 1. Transeplthelial Poa The measurement of the transepithelial Pos (P~s) does not constitute by itself a test of the osmotic theory. However, it is experimentally useful for two reasons: First, given the simple relationship Jv = Lp'~1f, experimental determination of Pos and Jv (the spontaneous transport rate) allows estimation of the driving force for water transport (~1f).

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