A Lady At Last (de Warenne Dynasty) by Brenda Joyce

By Brenda Joyce

Raised as a pirate's daughter, Amanda Carre has no longer been tutored within the finer social graces. by myself on the earth, she hasn't ever relied on a person, until eventually destiny intervenes whilst Cliff de Warenne rescues her from a mob at her father's placing. Now she needs to set sail for England to discover the mummy she by no means knew, and her chaperone is an notorious women' guy . . . the best gentleman privateer of his period, Cliff understands honor calls for that he see this gorgeous wild baby to London and into her socialite mother's fingers. he is acutely aware that Amanda is totally unprepared for a debut in London's ton, so his merely recourse is to turns into her mum or dad and champion her transformation right into a girl -- and locate her an appropriate fit. yet with each passing second it turns into tougher to disclaim his jealousy and ire -- until eventually Amanda makes her attractive debut, a woman eventually. And while his ardour in ultimately published, their love can now not be denied.

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Ariella was only six years old, with huge and brilliant blue eyes, an olive complexion and surprisingly golden hair. She was as beautiful as her coloring was exotic, and whenever Cliff looked at her he felt no small amount of awe that this stunning child was his. ” But she had already dashed across the terrace and into his arms. He laughed, lifting her high and then hugging her tightly. She was clad like a little English princess in the finest silk gown his money could buy, a strand of perfect pearls around her small throat.

Then she lay on the thick, damp grass, allowing herself the luxury of tears. Her terror overcame her. Papa was going to hang tomorrow at noon. Confronting the governor and begging him for a pardon had been their last chance. She hadn’t intended to offer him her body, but when he had started to look at her the way sailors and riffraff did, she had instinctively known what she must do. How often had she seen a woman coyly seduce her father in order to win a brooch or a bolt of silk? There was only one way a woman could ever gain anything from a man and Amanda knew what that way was.

She hadn’t moved or blinked since he entered the room. She stood defensively, yet also aggressively. That dagger was probably in the waistband of her breeches, beneath the tuniclike shirt. Why had she come? He thought he knew, and it wasn’t to jump into his bed. She flushed. “You know I can’t read—you heard me say so. ” He felt his chest go soft. “I apologize. Mimicry means imitation. ” She shrugged. ” He had been trying to put her at ease, but it was a ploy that was failing. He could easily assume that she was undone by his home, which was as grand as King’s House and far more majestically furnished, except that she had not taken her huge green gaze from his face, not once since he’d entered the great hall.

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