A J-function for marked point patterns by Lieshout M. N.

By Lieshout M. N.

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X 2 m length). The temperature settings used were as follows: column at 180oC, injector and detector at 210oC. This equipment used hydrogen gas (30 ml·min-1) as a burning gas and required an air flow of approximately ten times the hydrogen gas flow (300 ml·min-1) for complete combustion. Nitrogen served as the carrier gas at a flow rate of 30 ml·min-1. 2 Materials and Methods 33 column was filled with chromosorb C101 (80-100 mesh; Sigma, Deisenhofen) and equilibrated (activated) with phosphoric acid.

23: The maximum growth rate (v max) v max S Km and Km are both constants in a enzyme-substrate-system and the reaction is proportional to the concentration of the substrate. The reaction follows a first order kinetics. 01 Km). The Michaelis-Menten equation represents a continuum for defining enzyme-catalyzed reaction. For example an experiment was started with a large amount of substrate and the kinetics of the reaction was followed over time. When there was no new substrate addition, the reaction followed zero order kinetics initially.

7: 2CH3•CO•COOH + 2H2O ' 2CH3•COOH + 2CO2 + 4 - H2O 2•COOH + 4H ' COOH•(CH2)2•COOH Equ. COOH•CO•CH 8: Thus an accounting has been made for two end products of fermentation, acetic and carbonic acid (succinate). 9: Succinate + propionyl-CoA ' succinyl-CoA + propionate …….. 14 Chap. 1 Introduction 6. g. E. coli. 10: CH3•CO•COOH + H2O Æ CH3•COOH + HCOOH 7. The Formation of H2 The conversion of formic acid to H2 and CO2 by formate dehydrogenase is reversible (equation 11): Equ. 11: HCOOH ' H2 + CO2 Hydrogenlyase is an alternative way to produce H2 in the absence of an intermediate electron carrier.

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