A History of Control Engineering 1800-1930 by Stuart Bennett

By Stuart Bennett

Dr. Bennett lines the becoming expertise of the significance and the importance of the concept that of suggestions in engineering and treats intimately the technical advancements that contributed to this knowledge. There follows an account of the advance of steam and hydraulic servomechanisms and their program to the regulate of ships and airplane.

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Pp. 352-357. Combes refers to a similar governor having been described in the Journal of the Franklin Institute, March 1837, and that a similar governor had been in use at the works of M. ,p. 359 30 Davison, discussion on paper by Woods: op. t p. , p. : 'Victorian physicists and speed regulation: an encounter between science and technology*, Notes and Records of the Royal Society, 1971, 26, pp. 205-228 for a full account 36 British Patent 10151, 1844, JOSEPH WOODS 'Regulating the power and velocity of machines for communicating power* 37 WOODS: op.

But the use of the governor by scientists, by Airy for the regulation of the motion of telescopes and by Maxwell and his colleagues in an experiment to determine the ohm, stimulated investigations of the dynamic behaviour and led to the formulation of criteria for stability. References and notes 1 The concept of prime-mover admits no precise definition; see MOLELLO, A. : The electric motor, the telegraph, and Joseph Henry's theory of technological progress*, Proc. IEEE, 1976,64, p. : The myth of the machine: technics and human development (Seeker & Warburg, London, 1967) 3 BURSTALL, A.

1823, 62, pp. : British Patent 8623,1840. * The regulation of prime movers 47 24 BENNETT: op. , p. 125. Field, in the discussion on J. Woods's paper, 'Exhibition and description of the chronometric governor invented by E. W. and C. W. Siemens', Minutes & Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 1846, 5, pp. 255-265 attributes the hydraulic pump governors to Watt, and COMBES, C : 'Rapport sur regulateur a insufflation presente par M. L. Molinie', Bulletin de la Society d'Encouragement pour VIndustrie Nationale, 1841, 40, pp.

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