A French-English Dictionary For Chemists by Patterson

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Enzyme, ase. ase fétide, asafetida. asepsie, /. asepsis. aseptique, a. & m. aseptic. aseptiquement, adv. aseptically. t. aseptieize, aseptify. asexué, asexuel, a. asexual, sexless. asiatique, a. Asiatic. Asie Asie, f. Asia. 32 — Minewe, Asia Minor. asile, 7B, asylum, refuge. asparagine, /. asparagine. asparaginique, a. asparaginic (aspartie). aspartiqme, a. aspartie. aspect, m. sight; aspect, appearance. asperge, /. asparagus; asparagus shoot. aspergement, m. = aspersion. t. sprinkle, sparge. aspergille, /.

Arseniferous. arséniobiéthyle, m. diethylarsine. arsênio-sulfure, m. sulfarsenide. arsénio-sulfuré, a. sulfarsenide of. arséniotriéthyle, m. triethyiarsine. arséniotungstate, m. tungstoarsenate. arsénio-vanadique, a. arsenovanadic, arseniovanadic. arsénique, a. arsenic. arséniure, m. arsenide. — d'hydrogène, hydrogen arsenide, arsine. arséniuré, a. arsenide of, arseniuretted. arsénoïque, a. arseno. arsénolithe, m. ) arsenolite. arsénosyle, m. the arsenoso group, O:As —. arsenurane, m. uranium arsenide.

Dresser, finisher. apprêteuse 27 apprêteuse, /. dresser, finisher; (Paper) calenders, surfaoing rolls. p. (of apprendre) learned, etc. approbation, /. approval, approbation. approchant, a. like, somewhat like, near, approximate. adv. nearly, about, p. pr. of approcher. approche, /. approach. a. approximate; brought near, etc. (see approcher). t. bring or place near or nearer, bring up; approach. r. & i. approach, be near. a. deepened, etc. (see approfondir) ; profound. t. deepen; go deeply into, study profoundly, fathom.

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