A dark trace : Sigmund Freud on the sense of guilt by Herman Westerink

By Herman Westerink

Sigmund Freud, in his look for the origins of the experience of guilt in person existence and tradition, usually speaks of "reading a dismal trace," therefore touching on the Oedipus delusion as a fable concerning the challenge of human guilt. In Freud's view, this feeling of guilt is a hint, a direction, that leads deep into the individual's psychological country, into youth stories, and into the prehistory of tradition and faith.

Herman Westerink follows this hint and analyzes Freud's notion at the experience of guilt as a imperative factor in his paintings, from the earliest stories at the ethical and "guilty" characters of the hysterics, through later complicated differentiations in the inspiration of the feel of guilt, and eventually to Freud's notion of civilization's discontents and Jewish feel of guilt. The experience of guilt is a key factor in Freudian psychoanalysis, not just with regards to different key strategies in psychoanalytic idea but additionally when it comes to Freud's debates with different psychoanalysts, together with Carl Jung and Melanie Klein

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33ff. ”. 8-9. 114 Compare Innere Wahrnehmung als sekundäres (Mit-)Bewußtsein ist in der deskriptiven Psychologie Brentanos nicht anders gedacht als die einfachste Anerkennung der Existenz eigener psychischer Phänomene. By the acknowledgment of the existence of a psychic phenomenon is meant that a person has “knowledge” of the “fact” that he is thinking, hearing, judging, etc. C. 116. 115 F. Brentano, Vom Ursprung sittlicher Erkenntnis. 1820 (originally 1889). 116 W. 66ff. 19. Compare So wäre denn aus Vorstellungs-, Gefühls-, und Willenselementen die Urtheilsform entstanden, in welcher wir die Vorgänge unserer Umgebung aufzufassen genötigt sind.

Hysterics are not people who easily succumb to the pressure of their environment. On the contrary, hysterics are strong people, ambitious, bellicose, stubborn, etc. 164. 269. 270. 116. Lucy R. was treated by Freud in 1892. Gay mentions that Freud owed a great deal to patients like Elisabeth von R. : “by 1892, Freud had assembled the outlines of psychoanalytic technique: close observation, apt interpretation, free association unencumbered by hypnosis, and working through”. P. 73. 87 J. Breuer, S.

Getting to know Brentano was the same as becoming acquainted with philosophy and an ethic based on scientific psychology.  . Freud, Draft K. 220. S In draft G Freud had argued that the primary characteristic of melancholia was “mourning over loss of libido”. S. Freud, Draft G. 201. 106 Idem. 107 W. Jerusalem, Die Urteilsfunktion. Eine psychologische und erkenntniskritische Untersuchung, Braumüller, Leipzig, Vienna, 1895. On this subject see F. 224ff, G. 176-182. 108 S. 129. 109 Freud called Brentano a “damned clever fellow” and a “genius”.

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