A Creed in Stone Creek   by Linda Lael Miller

By Linda Lael Miller

When unmarried lawyer Steven Creed turns into parent of an orphaned five-year-old boy, he trades his big-city legislations enterprise for a ranch close to his McKettrick relations within the close-knit neighborhood of Stone Creek, Arizona. taking good care of little Matt and solving up his run-down ranch residence with its outdated barn loosens anything tightly wound inside of him. but if Steven takes at the professional bono protection of a neighborhood youngster, he meets his fit within the opposing counsel—beautiful, by-the-book county prosecutor Melissa O'Ballivan. it will take one grieving little boy, a candy followed puppy and a girl who by no means anticipated to win any man's center to make this Creed in Stone Creek comprehend he is really discovered home.

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Yep,舡 he agreed. 舡 舠What about me? 舡 They舗d already covered that ground, numerous times, but after everything舒and everybody舒the little guy had lost over the past couple of years, it wasn舗t surprising that he needed almost constant reassurance. 舠You舗ll be in day camp,舡 Steven said. 舡 Matt舗s chin jutted out a little way, the angle obstinate and so reminiscent of Zack that the backs of Steven舗s eyes stung again. Zack St. John had been his best friend since middle school, a popular athlete, excellent student and all-around good guy.

Peering at the girl over the tops of her reading glasses, Melissa mouthed the word go and logged on to her computer. Andrea might or might not have been suffering from cramps, but there was no arguing with the fact that both of them were, for today at least, underworked. Melissa, grateful to be putting in eight-hour days, like normal people, didn舗t miss the high stress levels and double workweeks of her previous jobs. She liked having the time to paint the rooms of her little house evenings and weekends, read stacks of books, enjoy her growing gaggle of nieces and nephews and even garden a little.

I believe you,舡 Matt said, breaking Steven舗s heart, as he often did with a few trusting words. 舡 舠Sure,舡 Steven said, standing up straight. Matt, always resilient, was already having second thoughts about leaving. 舠Maybe we ought to stay here,舡 he said. 舡 Steven grinned. 舡 舠We could skip taking showers for a couple of days,舡 Matt suggested. Unless he was going swimming, the kid hated to get wet. 舡 Steven led the way through the dining room. Although there was a second floor, there was no way anybody would be sleeping up there before the renovations were finished and the fire alarm system had been wired and tested.

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