20 mm. A.A. Gun

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Opening- cut in the bottom o! •. :e ro the fu nctio ning o f the gun. t~e . :\ sutlicienc ly h3r d blow from rhe toe of the ejector mus t be delivered on recoil. to force rhe fired case clear oi th e C:I>ing before the breech b lock has commenced to cou nterrecoil. \ CE OF TilE TOE OF TilE EJECTO R. The Ared c::arcriuye e

A new • tyle double'loading stop plunger-lower is used in the Mark 4 1\1od. I gun barrel (OE- 101 3). This plunger (OE:-1014), differs from the former part. (OE- 1011), in that it has a round head and iu lower end is Aat instead of curved to the inside radius of the gun oorrel ch~mber. I:TAGT WITH THE LOWER PLl:KG£R, Figure 79. -\KD A J:\M WILL OCCL'R. CHAPTER 3 PAGE 37 ! us<~ativ•l! acion. huws at! ir correct k)roporc:o,ls . o'( (OE·l::! -~C! ture of the t rigger group is that a trigger hook (A).

Ur<: 43. ·ci. -coi:. Ju. :r c~~in~ cushions th·.. r:" nttUk JrotOp! eaivn. m: 2~. tnC. ~t.. 'C'il Oo;t i! trike- (\1r. al'nm~r. rl1cr. ··t! ~~cC ir. ' ... u·r. ::n::~: ~rt 1 •• c ........ : o{ th~ hamn~¢:" h:o ~a .. a~ q~:'in. H ~ ~"C' .... ,. r. l2i. lt'\! :l. ll .. :~ u:i. 1t.. :::~:;.. r pir•. ~::t c.. ~hl· ... ;:ik~ .. d~c. :'t· · ;u~ ~ •. ~~~~--:: .. a ..... :11er frvn:~ t ... ~:- ... \! ,. 'l:~·:- pon t:-Ott'. the = Figure ~5-Breech bolt hns orricd ortrid~e into posmon to be fired.

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